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Yellow Paper Car is a brand of fun-filled stationery and decorating materials started by yours truly, Béatrice! I have been passionate about drawing ever since I was a child, when my world was filled with Captain Haddock and the characters from the Super Dupont and Bob et Bobette comic books. Even now I never leave the house without my sketchbook and beloved black pen.

I’m French-German, Parisian by birth and Strasbourgeoise at heart, and currently live in Lausanne with my tribe, which consists of my bearded husband, our three noisy children and our cuddly rabbit. After years of working in the media sector, I decided to take a leap and combine my family life with my passion – and Yellow Paper Car was born!

There are two sides to my creative business: on the one hand there are stationery items or decorative pieces that I have carefully created by hand and that are available in limited editions. On the other hand, you also have the option of getting in touch with me so that we create YOUR perfect piece together. A wedding announcement, a poster, a greeting card, the possibilities are endless! I’ll capture the spirit and the emotion of what you wish to express and will translate it into the medium you’ve chosen, resulting in a unique piece made just for you.